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The Millgate Conservation Society

The Millgate Conservation Society was formed in 1977 by local residents during the revival of the Millgate area in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire. Millgate, which follows the line of the Roman Fosse Way, and had an Anglo-Saxon cemetry next to it, was first settled in medieval times, but its character today rests on a wealth of Georgian and Victorian architecture, both residential and commercial., much of it connected with the nearby canal. By the 1970s the area was in a serious state of decline, promting the Millgate Revival by Newark District Council in 1974. and the designation of a major part of the area as a Conservation Area. Three years later, the Millgate Conservation Society was formed and played a crucial role in regenerating the area and rekindling the lost community spirit. In 1993 the Society was reconstituted in response to the changing needs of the area and the membership.

Today the Society aims to conserve and enhance the built and natural environment of the area, and to promote an awareness and knowledge of it. This is achieved through holding regular meetings for Resident Members/Friends of the Society on themes of general interest, commenting on planning and listed building consent applications, carrying out research and acting as a consultative role when major developments are proposed in the area. For example, the Society appeared at a Local Plan Inquiry which resulted in the District Council to reject plans to build a large 'Euro Hotel' on Parnham's Island. In 1997 Millgate Conservation Society received Nationa Lottery funding from the Arts' Council of England to produce a textile community Parish Map of the area and to put on an exhibition to celebrate twenty years of the Society.